Horton Wreath Society

Albert G. Horton Jr., Memorial Veterans Cemetery Wreath Society
Remember the Sacrifices, Respect Our Veterans, 
Educate Future Generations

                                                                                                    HWS  STAFF

 HWS Staff Title
 Email Address to Contact
 Betty Hand
 H[email protected]
 1st Vice President
 Joe Kruszewski
 [email protected]
 2nd Vice President
 Norman Hults
 [email protected]
 Dassa Carvey
 D[email protected] 
 Cathy Schweitzer
 [email protected] 
 CEO & Vice Treasurer
 Becca 'Lady Harley' Landick 
 [email protected]
 Public Relations Officer
 Donn Zwirn
 [email protected]
 Jean Stewart/Jo-Anne Teel
 [email protected][email protected]
Director, Albert G. Horton, Jr., 
Veterans’ Cemetery & HWS Advisor
 Dan Kemano
 [email protected]
 Christopher Connell
  HWSW[email protected]
 Corresponding Secretary
                                    Jeanne Banks


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