Horton Wreath Society

Albert G. Horton Jr., Memorial Veterans Cemetery Wreath Society
Remember the Sacrifices, Respect Our Veterans, 
Educate Future Generations

HWS Volunteering & Committee's 

Volunteers Needed for Horton Wreath Society Committees

     We have formed subcommittees this year and are asking for our Annual Participants, Volunteers and any one interested to commit to help on one of our sub committees. Our Annual Event has gotten to the point that we need help making it happen, something that is planned 12 months of the year. 

Below will be a list of each committee with it's function and point of contact.

Any questions please email us at [email protected] and Thanks!

1-Wreath Logistics -POC: Norm Hults

This group is responsible for coordinating the receipt, off-loading, unpacking, and reloading of the wreaths the week of the ceremony.  On the day of the event, they are responsible for distributing the wreaths from the truck and the orderly placement on the grave sites.
1A-Wreath Removal-POC: Gerry Soucheray
This group is part of Wreath Logistics but will be responsible for the removal of Wreaths from the Cemetery and into dumpsters. The removal is scheduled for the second Saturday in January 2016. We will add an announcement in the program as well as adding to our website. This is something new this year. We recommend needing a minimum of 10-15 volunteers and anticipate the event only needing 3 hours to complete the task. 

2-Traffic POC: Ray Hankinson/John T.
This group is responsible for  directing traffic.

3-Parking POC: Gerry Soucheray
This group is responsible for parking on the day of the ceremony.

4-Safety POC: Roy

This group is responsible for providing overall safety the day of the event.

5- Sound/Seating POC: Dan K/Betty Hand

Responsible for arranging additional sound equipment and bleacher seating for the day of the ceremony.  

This is to include locating, arranging for pick-up, transportation to site and return after the ceremony has concluded.

6-Transportation (Golf Carts/Driver) POC: Dan K

Responsible for arranging sufficient golf carts for transporting individuals from and to parking lot and around the grounds between the different evolution's.  This includes locating, arranging for pick-up, transportation to site and return after the ceremony has concluded.

7-Ceremonial (Color Guard/MC/Key Note Speaker/Chaplain/Music)  POC: Betty Hand

Responsible for contacting prospective groups or individuals either in person or by letter to get commitments for the Color Guard, Master/Mistress of Ceremonies, Key Note Speaker, Chaplain, and Music.  As the ceremony draws closer, the committee chair is responsible for confirming all previous commitments.

8-Asset Accountability Committee POC: Vacant

A-Radios POC: Vacant

B- Safety Vests (Green) POC: Jean

C-Information Assistant Vests (Red) POC: Helen

D- Board/Associate Member Vests (Orange) POC: Linda

9.-Signs (Responsible for putting up Signs) POC: Chris

10-Refreshments  POC: Jo Anne
Responsible for ensuring that we have water and  cookies for guests to enjoy during wreath laying and prior to ceremony.

11-Guest Logs POC: Bobby/Brandy

Responsible for maintaining the guest logs on the day of the event.  Names and addresses provided will be combined into organization data base for future use in soliciting donations and volunteers.

12- Distribution of Programs POC: April

13-Post Card POC: Becca

14-Media Communication POC: Vacant

15-Fund Raising POC: (Open)

Responsible for  coordinating fund raising events and public distribution of literature pertaining to the Horton Wreath Society and its goals (i.e., restaurants, big box stores, Lowes, Home Depot,  Public Libraries, Commissaries, Farmers Market, etc.) and any additional appropriate venues.

15-Dignitaries Coordinator POC: Susan, Jeanne, Lee

Will work with the Ceremonial Chairman once individuals are identified and confirmed to be able to meet and greet the dignitaries on the day of the event.  Will ensure that all dignitaries are provided VIP Parking Passes prior to event to assist in identification at time of arrival.  

17-Youth Organization Recruitment POC: Karen/Bobby

16A-Invite Boy/Girl Scouts POC: (Open)